About PriceDrummer

PriceDrummer - Smart Shopping Anytime!

PriceDrummer is Ghana’s no.1 shopping comparison site that help shoppers to save money. The information we provide help shoppers to make the most informed purchasing decision about a product or service. We scan through thousands of products and several retailers and present them in a clear and orderly manner.

You can compare products from mobile phones to laptops and services like travel and insurance. For every product or service you are able to use the filter tool to narrow down to a specific item and reliable product information. The store and product reviews are also helpful. We always show lowest prices first.

Vision: PriceDrummer is committed to being the starting point for shoppers that want to save money and that it simultaneously build value for retailers. Smart Shopping Anytime!

Our mission is to publish prices and relevant/reliable information for products and services that saves shoppers money daily. We achieve this by living our core values - Unyielding Integrity, Passion, Innovation and Respect.